She is pretty. She is vivacious, she is dynamic and at 26, she is an actress-music label owner rolled into one. She is an Arlin Maitra, the driving force behind Omcar Records.

And she is launching her music label  Omcar Records’ with the romantic singles Love and Latte. An interesting song shot in Azerbaijaan, the launch has Arlin, Sharad Malhotra, Altamash Faridi, Saahil Goradia of Sumeet-Saahil, Palash Dutta, Hrishikesh Pandey, Neel Motwani, Aditya Bhansali, Sushweta Tewary, among others.

Arts including acting and music have always been Arlin’s passion. “After dabbling in modelling and acting. I figured my passion for music.

“Music is something that we all love. When I knew music is that something I live for, I needed to be a part of this industry. Being an actress, it was easy for me to give the vocals a visual representation.”

Added Sharad Malhotra, “Love & Latte was one amazing experience. Lush locales,  amazing team, great producer and costar and a winning song; what more can one ask for!”


Arlin Maitra,  Sharad Malhotra, Altamash Faridi At Omcar Records’ Love And Latte Singles Launch

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